A super cool bunch of
amazing people, awesome people, funny people, clever people

(we may be a little biased)

Will Woodhead
Co-Founder & CEO

Will’s life before Mafic was heavy industry construction. Outdoors in the mountains and sea is where you will find Will and his family when ‘skools-out’. 

Adrian Cunliffe
Co-Founder & CTO

Adrian is annoyingly good at most things. Sport – Oxford rowing, technology – name your language, dinner table chat – very entertaining. Most people learn a lot from Adrian. 

Ed Burns

Ed is supposed to be a jack of all trades, master of none but frequently masters them all. He runs an incredibly tight ship. Not much gets passed him. 

Mike O'Connell
Head of Client Operations
Jake Minns
Senior Developer
Andrei Cunesteanu
Machine Learning Engineer
Jacinta Clovis
Data Scientist
Everything Hardware and Firmware
Charlie Bailey
Client Lead