FAIRPAY lets you see what is happening on your site like never before

Fairpay’s Machine Learning recognises every time a tool is used, so you can track progress of critical areas, understand the productivity of the overtime or pin point moving bottlenecks.

The list of activities is fully customisable and the system can be quickly taught to recognise new tools or activities. 


With FAIRPAY’s highly granular data it is possible not just to measure progress hour by hour, but to actually understand it.

  • Break down how areas or trades are performing, hour by hour, day by day.
  • Get early warning where areas are falling behind before they are late.
  • See if the overtime put on to catch up actually caught up.

High frequency, granular data gives you the advantage when it comes to making robust decisions about a complex build.

FAIRPAY can even show you the economics behind different shift patterns and fatigue – and the answer is not what you would expect!

As well as preferring two-break shift patterns, tradespeople are more productive in the shorter working day.

That’s a happier workforce, and another 8% increase in productivity