IoT Sensors for your Industrial Workplace

Mafic’s latest industrial grade sensor doesn’t get any simpler.


  1. Unbox
  2. secure it to the wall  
  3. stream your data in real-time

Safeguard is an IoT Sensor for your Industrial Workplace. A simple way of collecting environmental data from the factory floor, construction site or even office.

We remove all barriers to creating healthy working environments for everyone.

Safeguard doesn’t need any cabling or setup. Install the batteries and place it in its final position. The sensor communicates over WIFI with a Gateway installed onsite. The range depends on what’s in the way but can be up to a kilometer in ideal circumstances. Connect hundreds of Safeguards to a single Gateway.

Pull the data into your own BI tools or use Mafic front-end to view or manage.

  1. Real-Time Data
  2. Text / Email Alerts
  3. API access
  4. Historical Trends
  5. Battery > 3 years