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Make your workplace safer & more productive

Safeguard works for everyone, everywhere






Improve Safety 
Map hazards, measure individualsā€™ exposures, identify risk factors, and find people in emergencies

Increase Productivity 
See what activities are taking place, measure output, and identify improvement opportunities

Reduce RiskĀ 
Powerful information lets you see the drivers behind cost and productivity and use them to manage risks

What is Safeguard?

Safeguard is a wearable device that can fit into a hard hat, armband or pocket. Using machine learning, Safeguard can recognise the unique movement patterns of users completing different tasks and record exactly what is happening every second of the day.

Combined with location to +/-20cm and data from environmental sensors, Safeguard can provide workforce-wide insight at a level of detail that has not been possible until now. See when and where hazards, activity, and opportunities are across an entire workforce and workplace.

Unparalleled VisibilitY

Using our operational experience, we have built this into live dashboards that can be used by individuals, managers and CEOs to unlock hidden value, and make smarter data-driven decisions that improve safety, and drive productivity and profitability.

Safeguard presents you with actionable information organised in clear dashboards. Trends, comparisons, and heatmaps, all at your fingertips so you can spend time on the things that are important.


A personal record of data such as exposures and working hours; receive alerts when in hazardous areas


Live information with which to track and control how sites, areas, and teams are performing


Compare sites and trends, see problems early and control risks, identify safety and profitability opportunities