Noise and dust monitoring for construction

noise and dust sensors for construction sites

Always on,
always listening

Automatic noise,
dust and leak

Simple, cable free setup.

Mafic Safeguard is a real-time noise and dust sensor for construction sites. It’s battery-powered with a service life of more than 3 years, designed specifically for construction projects. It arrives already logging so no need to set up any networks or route any mains power to awkward places. Just fix Safeguard to the wall wherever you want to measure noise and dust and sit back and wait for the alerts in real-time. 

safeguard Noise and dust sensor
Text alerts by phone

Automatic alerts straight to your phone.

Noise or dust thresholds can be set by the user so alerts are sent to stakeholders when these are exceeded or even when they are expected to be exceeded using the Mafic Forecast Function. 

Historical and real-time data reporting function.

Each device will take readings and return them to the cloud every 15 minutes. Understand what noise levels you have right now or go back in time and retrospectively demonstrate compliance.

Noise and dust sensor dashboards

A price point which allows everybody to monitor their noise and dust everywhere.

The biggest problem with the current technology on the market is the price. Construction sites are large and when a single measuring device costs £5k + running costs, even the largest infrastructure projects can only justify a handful of them. Safeguard uses lower price points so an array of sensors can be deployed giving you information everywhere and also telling you where that noise came from, perhaps off-site? 

Separate on-site noise from off-site

Due to the simplicity of deployment and the lower cost, multiple sensors can be placed meaning you can actually understand where your noise is coming from

"Mafic Safeguard has been invaluable for us on the East Village Remediation projection in Stratford. With the live data from the sensors, we are able to monitor noise and dust on an hourly basis. We can foresee where there may be issues and rearrange the works as well as seeing if the noise is coming from our teams or the train track."

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