Creating Exceptional Workplaces

Safeguard uses Machine Learning and Internet of Things to help you provide a safer and more productive workplace for your employees, colleagues and friends


Mafic have developed a wearable device called Safeguard which is placed in the hardhat and monitors the environment for hazards. Mafic want to help construction companies provide working environments which promote not degrade the health of  their employees. We want to give the workforce the data to understand the working environment where they spend most of their time. We want construction sites to be transparent, healthy places, not places which silently break your body. 

Mafic technology has the capability to sniff the environment and build complex learning models using metrics such as event driven slips, trips or falls,  noise emissions, welding fume exposure to potentially identification of musculo-skeletal injuries. Understanding what your workforce, colleagues, friends and yourself are exposed to is the first step to creating an exceptional workplace where your health is not expected to degrade. 

Heat Stress

Noise Level Exposure

Welding Fume Exposure

Hand and Arm Vibration (HAVS)

Hazardous Area Control


Data Rich - Information Rich

"In God we trust, all others must bring data"
W. Edwards Deming
Engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant


Safeguard is a device not intended to compete for the user’s attention and demands nothing. It is passive and remains out of sight in the background, situationally aware. 

The design brief for Safeguard was to create a device which can understand the environment the user is working in and make her more situationally aware as to the cumulative dangers around her. Falling from height or dropped objects are real dangers in construction sites however the repetitive work which gives you back problems which shorten your career or perhaps the dust particles which give you respiratory disease have been overlooked for far too long. At Mafic we want people to take a step closer to enjoying their work as well as retire on your own terms, not because you have to. 


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