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Make your workplace safer & more productive

“Mafic was founded with the mission of making workplaces safer after I’d seen workplace accidents happen too many times. I could see that by combing some advanced technology with our operational experience we could build something that would make a real difference to people’s lives. We quickly realised that this same technology could be used to improve productivity as well as safety, and Safeguard was born.”

Will Woodhead, Mafic Founder & Managing Director


Managing Director & Co-Founder

Will spent 18 years leading major construction projects for upstream oil and gas facilities in Africa and Asia. After witnessing first-hand the impact of workplace incidents on colleagues, friends, and their families, he was determined to find a way to make construction sites safer for the people that work on them. Appreciating the challenges of managing thousands of workers on huge construction sites, he was frustrated by the limitations of low-tech options available, and realised that with the right technology it would be possible to improve both the safety of workers and their ability to work productively… and the idea of Safeguard was born.


Technical Director & Co-Founder

Adrian’s background is delivering operational improvement projects across a range of industries including manufacturing and defence. He has a passion for getting technology to do incredibly clever things and has a detailed understanding of machine learning, embedded software and IoT. His operational experience allows him to appreciate that smart technology needs a simple, practical implementation in order to be able to successfully drive change.


Operational Director

With an engineering background and broad experience of delivering operational transformation in public and private organisations across a range of industries and sizes, Ed’s obsession is seeing things working effectively and efficiently. He is excited by the opportunity that Safeguard presents to unlock new areas of opportunity and leads our drive to ensure Safeguard’s abilities translate to real value for our clients.